For almost ten years I struggled to realize the dream of creating a concept car of my own design as an independent artist working outside the standard auto industry setting. The difficulty of doing this on my own cannot be underestimated and its successful completion always reminds me that any other project I may take on will probably be far easier.

As an art object Xeno 3 represents a variety of conflicting and dynamic social, environmental and personal statements. It is a fully functional 500 horsepower street rod but runs on natural gas, so it is an environmentally sensitive vehicle. It is a raw mechanical beast, but is largely gold plated removing it from either being a racecar or a luxury car. It defies the contemporary standard of simplicity and functionalism instead looking toward a future where advanced fractal mathematics will drive a molecular manufacturing system where products are formed from the inside out. It has intentionally sharp and dangerous forms that focus attention on a time where animated materials will allow things to look very different than they feel or work.

In summation, Xeno 3 and the whole Xeno project is my attempt to present complex and contradictory ideas embodied in the form of a functional vehicle that are not futuristic or retro but simply exist outside the confines of contemporary automotive culture.