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Spring 2018 Have been working on my childhood dream project Star Wars designing space ships!

Fall 2017 I worked on the Hulu Series The First designing vehicles for the year 2030

Summer 2017 I worked with Cinema Vehicles on the James Gray film Ad Astra designing futuristic rovers

Spring 2016 Logan is released featuring some of my vehicle designs. See Jalopnik article for more info

Fall 2016 Have been enjoying a break from LA city life in rural New Hampshire helping with the family farm. Worked with a new client designing a magical school bus.

5-10-2016 I worked with old friends from R&H at Blackthorn media developing content for the new frontier of VR. Its beed really fun to create a new visual development workflow that presents concept art in the native format of 360 degree environment maps.

4-1-2016 I just wrapped up the majority of work on the next installment of the Wolverine franchise LOGAN. I had the pleasure of working with a great art department lead by Francois Audouy and had the exciting job of lead vehicle designer.

6-5-2014 For the past 9 months I have been working on design for amusement park attractions in China and Southeast Asia.

November 2013 On a trip to see my brother run the NYC marathon I was present at LAX at the time of the attack on the TSA. The experience was frightening and upsetting, but most shocking was the aftermath of false conspiracy theories about both the event and my participation in it as an actor hired by the government. I knew the theories were absurd, but I was not prepared for the onslaught of hate towards me and my family by those who did not know me. The experience taught me the obvious - just because it's on the web doesn't mean it's true. Unfortunately the web is a place that anyone can be slandered, even in the most unexpected circumstances.

02-11-2013 Thanks to the Design Thinking and Innovation Academy of the DesignSingapore Council, Nick is in Singapore to teach two Master Classes for Designers. His first class is a 4-day intense workshop on Originality in Design. His second class is Concept Design. He will lead that class through a week of visual development for Michael Conelly's screenplay The Dragons Of Forest County. Nick will conclude each of his workshops with a public lecture: Originality in Design: 21 February, 6.30pm and Concept Design: 28 February, 6.30pm

12-10-2012 Art Center Entertainment Design presents the second Idea To Pitch event. To date, one pitch has been sold and others are being further developed.

12-11-2011 Art Center Entertainment Design presents the first Idea To Pitch day. Industry leaders from major studios including Dreamworks, Paramount, Blacklight and Bad Robot attend the event

9-15-2011 Nick started teaching his new class IDEA TO PITCH at Art Center

See Nick's presentation THE FUTURE OF PAINTING on the TEDx Youtube channel

Nick will be presenting the emerging artform of 'Digital Plein air' painting at the TEDxSoCal conference on July 16th 2011 in Long Beach

1-20-2011 After many years working in the visual effects side of the industry Nick is honored to join the Art Directors Guild and be working along side many of his close friends from Art Center

10/10 Nick is on a panel presentation called 'Stumbling Toward Sustainability' that focuses attention on design solutions for environmental problems

9/10 Nick curates and participates in digital landscape painting exhibit at the Aquarium of the pacific

6/10 Worked on visual effects concepts for Green Lantern in New Orlaens

1/10 Teaching Digital Landscape at Art Center

9/09 Teaching Originality at Art Center

10/09 Worked on 'Black Cloth' video game

10/9 Launched Xomaa architecture website

9/08 Teaching Digital Landscape at Art Center

8/08 Working on design of updated Michelin Man

5/08 Grandma dies at 92 the day after Mothers day

3/08 Working on Hulk

1/08 Teaching DIgital Landscape Painting at Art Center

12/07 Designing and building creature models for They Came From Upstairs, continue working on production until fall of '08

9/07 Teaching Originality and Advanced Digital Viscom at Art Center

7/07 Working on Deadly Creatures for Rainbow Studios

8/13/07 My beautiful daughter Julie Nicole is born!

6/21/07 10PM-1AM LACMA party book signing and workshop

4/19/07, 2PM Hennessey and Ingals book signing

4/28/07 Festival of books, Kinokuniya booth

12/06 LUMINAIR will be available at booksellers

12/16/06 I will be in the group show Imaginary Spaces at Nucleus gallery

12/2/06 I will be in a group show at The Source On Lake gallery

11/30/06 I will be giving a presentation at the LA auto show, Design LA event with Scott Robertson and Harald Belker

10/7/06 to 11/15/06 Art of Digital Show in San Diego. Two of my pieces were selected as part of this group show.